Retirement in Panama

Panama has been recently rated by many international magazines and newspaper articles among the top places for retirement in Latin America. Said statements can be very subjective due to the fact that at the end it will depend on each person point of view; however, in order to make your decision, we are listing below…
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Panama established diplomatic relation with China.

Panama’s president Varela makes the first official visit in China since starting diplomatic relationships. He will be accompanied by a bigger delegation consisting of 5 ministers and a lot of business representatives. In June 2017 Panama set up diplomatic relationships with China officially. This could be very interesting for Panama. Following the announcement of a…
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Solar Energy Industry in Panama

Panama capitalizing on opportunities in solar and wind! In Panama more than 60% of electricity is generated by hydroelectric plants. Insofar the theme „Renewable Energy“ is already well known in Panama. But there is the opportunity to diversify the generation basis further, especially concerning wind and solar. Panama has good resources available for both. So…
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New tax rates for Properties

Since 01.01.2019 new tax rates on properties and new exemptions will take effect. So, exemptions on the value for primary residences will increase from US§ 30.000 to US$ 120.000. That means that primary residences up to a value of US$ 120.000 will be tax free. Further thresholds are: The Law establishes the following rates of…
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Visit Panama

Panama is a country located in the Central America region of North America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica. The population is primarily Creole, mostly of Spanish descent. There are also populations of Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Jewish origins. There has been a Chinese community for…
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