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Who once enjoyed Panama`s unique mix of breathtaking nature, diverse culture and modern life style will never forget that bridge between Atlantic and Pacific.

As the famous Canal connects the oceans, so we are your possibility to build a long-lasting connection to that country full of contrasts. Our real estate offerings and Investment opportunities in Panama give you the possibility to be part of the fascinating world between Costa Rica and Colombia or to make investments in panama with promising yields. Between the white dream beaches, the colorful metropolis of Panama City and the natural tropical rain forest there is your possibility using our Properties Investment in Panama to make your dreams come true.

Our houses, apartments, luxury homes and lands offer you the opportunity for an incomparable retirement or a smart investment buying some properties in Panama. Also, for the expansion of your company we could find appropriate properties in Panama. As native “panameños” we not only dispose of a really good knowledge of the country but also of a good network to the most important real estate developers for upmarket properties investment in Panama.

No matter if you are looking for a luxury homes or a stylish apartment, concerning properties or investment in Panama we are able to give you the best recommendations and consulting. Additional, we may offer you an all-inclusive service starting with the tax consultant, Visa and up to the notary, etc.

In the case you would like to get to know the country, first then we may give you some advice on travel possibilities and also the option to rent properties in Panama.


San Carlos Beach Villas

San Carlos Beach

from 340m2
from $ 1,041,902.00

San Carlos Beach Villas

San Carlos Beach

from 325m2
from $ 745,355


San Carlos Beach Apart.

from $ 500

Holiday Home Panama

San Carlos Beach Home FEWO

from $ 1,000

Buy your dream property in panama

If we compare it with Germany, cheap real estate prices in Panama give you the unique opportunity to be able to afford a luxury life far from home. Are you looking for tranquility at the sea and you want to buy a beautiful house on a white sand beach in Panama? Or are you interested in the exotic hustle and bustle of a metropolis and you want to buy a luxury apartment in Panama City?

From the dream luxury homes to a designer apartment we have the suitable offerings for you. It`s also worthy to think about it as an investment. We are also happy to help you to rent your property in Panama.

Please get an impression of our high-quality offerings on our website and we are also ready to give advice if you are thinking about buying a property investment in Panama. We focus entirely on your needs and we put together a tailor-made package of our services in order to help you to buy a property in Panama. Let`s talk about it, what are you looking for and we try to find the best object for you.

We can rely on our experience and knowledge of the country as well as on our broad network in Panama, which keeps us up to date about the latest developments in the market. In case you don`t yet intend to buy a property investment in Panama, but you would like to plan a travel across the amazing and fascinating country we are also glad to assist you. We would like to give you some advice in order to compile a tailor-made travel package. From recommendations on the most appropriate properties to rent on your journey across the country up to transport facilities we are your point of contact.


Isla Parida

Fishing & sailing



Coffee Tour

Exotic Experience



Your gate to the highlights of Panama

Apart from the best properties in Panama we also offer you individual travel experiences.

Discover the rich culture of the country, let you inspire by exotic tours across the natural rain forest or experience unforgettable adventures on a dolphin tour or in the turtle habitat. Who travels not alone will experience a lot of family fun while snorkeling and surfing or the best romantic spots to enjoy the sunset on the long sand beaches.

Use your opportunity of a dream like property investment in Panama!!

Just contact us and let us help you to find the appropriate properties for your needs in Panama. We look forward to hearing from you!