About us

We are your Panama Service Boutique!

There is already a connection between Europe and Central America, but what we are doing is building a direct bridge from Europe to Panama.

There is no way to discover hidden exotic paradises, to get to know the culture of a country, visit remote spots without a help.  Can be only done with the help of a local.

“Hello, I am a Panamanian who wants to help you to find a dream property
or designing your unique vacation experience,
come and discover Panama – the Hub of the Americas!”

Since I am a local, I have all high level contacts to the most relevant property developer in the up-scale market, be it holiday houses, city apartments, beach villas and all types of real estate in Panama.  As well, I am also qualified as a local to have access to the latest product updates and we can offer customized package to the most fabulous destinations in our country; exactly the way you want it.

We will be completely focused on you; Our job Is advice, guide, counsel and organizing everything what you need through our experience as a local.

If you are interested in the organization of individual travel packages we are the right contact. Because of our profound network in Panama we are able to organize all the necessary things around: e.g. Lawyers, Tax consultants, Banks, Notary, Visas, …

Discretion, seriousness, best contacts and reliability are our strengths.

Are you curious? Then have a look on the impressive places in Panama on my web site!

Nothing great has been done in the world without a great passion. (Friedrich Hegel)