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If you plan to buy a house in Panama you should have a short look on our luxury houses.

We offer you selective properties in the best areas, in order to make your new home, your vacation home or your investment to a real profit.To buy or to rent a house in Panama gives you the opportunity to leave everyday your life in Germany behind and to discover colorful beaches or untouched nature close to your home.
We help you to find the perfect house in Panama according to your needs. Starting from a luxury house for your retirement to a profitable Investment we have the suitable property for you.
Panama as the economic hub of Latin America has a steady inflow of foreign investors. Despite a modern infrastructure property prices are still comparable low and make it to a promising Investment in the future.
Every house in our list is constructed according to modern standards and comprises all the amenities of a luxury home.
The time for an investment in Panama is promising. Don`t let escape the opportunity to buy your dream house in Panama and profit from our long-standing experience and knowledge of the country.

Our houses at a glance


15 Acres

San Carlos Beach Villas

San Carlos Beach

from 325m2
from $ 745,355


from 201 m2
from $83,583


from 99 m2
from $250.300


from 3,000 m2
from $55,600

San Carlos Beach

San Carlos Beach

from 145m2
from $ 363.225

The best consulting for your plans or for buy a house in Panama!

On your way to buy a house in Panama we could give you the best possible advice or consultation. Since we are natives with experience in the market and we know the country, the people quite well and we could give you more interesting perspectives for your search of a house in Panama. Thanks to our broad network and the long-standing experience in the real estate market of Panama we are always informed about projects and the current real estate prices in Panama.
In so far we not only could give you the best recommendations on area and domestic equipment’s but we can also make sure that your plan to buy a house in Panama will be realized well. So you may profit from our full service approach, which you will enjoy  from planning up to  buy your house in Panama. Don`t hesitate and let`s find for you the appropriate object, no matter if it`s a stylish luxury villa or a beach house in Panama.

Perfect for your vacation and your business trip: to rent a house in Panama for all purposes

As part of our exclusive real estate offerings you may also have the opportunity to rent a dream house in Panama. No matter if you want to impress your partner on a business trip or to look for recreation from everyday life in pure nature, we find the appropriate opportunity to rent the perfect house for you in Panama.
We take care of everything, so to find the right area, e.g. close to a golf course or at the beach. You won`t have any problem to find the right house to rent for any purpose in Panama if you work with us.
Just contact us and we will prepare an offer according to your needs.
Of course, we may also help you to rent a comfortable apartment in Panama, if you want e.g. enjoy the amazing city life in Panama City.

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