Take the opportunity and buy Lots & Land in Panama for Sale!

Real estate and investment in Panama is our focus: we offer the unique opportunity to buy a Farm land or plots of land in an interesting location in Panama.

Investing in land in Panama has been a very good way to store wealth. Panama is a land of opportunity, to buy a Plots of land in Panama which we offer gives you the possibility to Develop a personal project or the possibility for investing beyond your primary residence is vast. Bild your dream house in the most beautiful locations in Panama!!

Instead of buying an already “ready to move”-property in Panama it`s also worth to make an investment in land. Many lots in Panama with their dreamlike beaches or in a natural environment are not only attractive for tourism but offer also attractive conditions for an agroforestry project or coffee farm and cacao investment.

Since the importance of cocoa as a potential market which also leads to increase this is one of the low Investment opportunities.  The government of Panama even offers a lot of incentives to foreign investors which could make your investment even more profitable. Furthermore, usually the seller of a property pays the real estate transfer tax and the annual contributions are quite a lot less than in Germany. Just contact us and we are happy to find the suitable conditions for your investment in Panama.

No matter if you plan to buy plots of land in Panama for private use or as an investment we are your adequate partner not only with attractive offerings but also based on our profound knowledge of the country and our expertise. So we are able to help you to become a land owner in Panama. Just let`s get into contact and we could give you some consulting advices in order to buy a lot in Panama.

Our Land & Lots in Panama for Sale!

Buena Vista

120.3 Hectare
from $902,250

Donoso Colon

from 9 Hectare
from $1,300,000


3,7 Hectare

With our help you are able to find the perfect real estate investment in Panama

There are a lot of good reasons to buy land and lots in Panama: some want to build a private luxury home in a natural environment in Panama, others are looking to buy a raw land, farms or lots as a good investment opportunity. If you are thinking about buying your own lot in Panama, we are able to support you because we are native with experience – no matter what your personal reasons are.

Because of our profound network we are not only up to date on real estate investment in Panama, but we have also a look on the development of property prices in Panama. So, we are in an ideal position to find for you the most suitable property in Panama. Just let us know what`s the reason for you to buy a lot in Panama and we try to find several offers that fit your needs accordingly.

Apart from our service as a broker we are also able to help you in Panama on finding a lawyer or a notary. Briefly we offer all the services you need to buy a property in Panama. Just let us know what kind of assistance you need in Panama and we are going to arrange everything.

Take the opportunity and Buy your own lot or land in Panama

We look forward to assisting you on buying land in Panama based on our expertise and profound knowledge of the country as a native. Just contact us and we are going to help you.