Seaplane Trips

Private Seaplane Air Charter to Yachts

A unique experience impossible to compare, this tour guarantees memories for life.

An exclusive tour and private air charter to the most breathtaking destinations in the region Central America’s first amphibian flying service.

Experience unforgettable views of lush mountainous jungles, pristine coastlines, the Panama Canal and city skylines during our seaplane flights.

Our private air charter fly directly to yachts, secluded tropical islands, famous fishing lodges, resorts and charters, as well as all airports.

Experience the feeling of taking off and landing on water!

NOW from 325,00 € p.P.


Private Seaplane Air Charter to Yachts

Seaplane Trips to Tropical Islands

…or just ride a Waterplane.

Whatever you decide to do, we arrange that for you!
  • Flight Route: upon boarding the seaplane you can discuss your preferred flight route with the pilot either flying towards the Pacific or the Atlantic Coast.
  • Pick up and drop off points: are undertaken at suitable locations, mainly on the beach in front of your hotel, offering direct hotel pick up from almost any hotel in the region. Such pick up is to the discretion of the pilot and to be confirmed at the time of booking as per the exact requested pick up location.
  • About the Seaplane & Pilots: Flights are operated with a professionally maintained and fully serviced, manned by enthusiastic, experienced and licensed bilingual (Spanish/English) pilot.
  • Capacity: 4 Passenger
  • Aircraft: amphibious Cessna 185 floatplane
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